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Title Issue/Page Author  
1 Incessant Building Collapses: A Case Study of Two Failed Buildings in Benin City, Nigeria Pages 2 - 15 Alutu, Kenechukwu and Alutu, Okey E Download PDF
2 Assessment of Groundwater Quality Around Dumpsites Using Geographic Information System: A Case Study of Costain Road, Benin City, Edo State Pages 16 - 33 Isagba Ebuwa S., Okolie Chukwuemeka and Iyekekpolor Austine Download PDF
3 Changes in use and Meaning of Spaces in Benin Traditional Palace Architecture in Nigeria Pages 34 - 49 Osahon James Ediae, Enobakhare Paul Enoma, Isidore Chukwunweike Ezema and Albert B. Adeboye Download PDF
4 Thermal Conductivity of Some Native Wood Species in Nigeria Pages 50 - 54 Aliu S.A, Onaiwu O. E, Oghenekohwo O. F, Omasan O.F and Omosigho O.J Download PDF
5 An Investigation of the Hardening Characteristics of Medium Carbon Steel Quenched in Agitated Water Based Eggshell Powder Pages 55 - 65 Aliu S.A, Orumwense F.F.O and Ogidiga O.L Download PDF
6 Development of Power Distribution Facilities Database for a Section of Uwani Using Geographic Information System (GIS) Pages 66 - 72 O. J. Ugwu, G.O. Nwodo and U.C Nwankwo Download PDF
7 Assessment of Occupational Diseases Among Construction Site Workers Pages 73 - 83 Victor N. Okorie and Gabriel A. Sanni Download PDF
8 A Model Relating Vehicle Stability to Safety on Rural Two-Lane Single Carriageways Pages 84 - 97 Igene, M. O and Ehiorobo, J. O. Download PDF
9 A Study of the Engineering Feasibility of Light Weight Blocks Produced from Recycling Rice Husk in Sandcrete Pages 98 - 112 Atikpo, E and Kayode-Ojo, N Download PDF